Drone Show

Up to 5000 drones in a show. Turn-key ready. Worldwide

1000 Drones at Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix
1,500 Drones on Kuwait National Day 2023
Breathtaking Drone Display at the Saudi Tour Bicycle Race
1,500 Drone Show to Illuminate the Story of Khaybar
BVLGARI Lighthouse Drone Show in Dubai
Dazzling Drone Show at MSC World Europa Naming Ceremony
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Lumasky Drone Show Advantages

Up to 5000 drones in a show
4-week preparation
Light-weight drones, no need to register
100+ projects done worldwide

1 month from idea to show

4 weeks before show
Project discussion

We decide on place, time, number of drones, choreography and other options

2-3 weeks before show
Drone show design

We create animation, choreography, synchronize music and color and present the show in 3D

3-4 days before show
Equipment and team arrival

Drones, equipment and team arrive and preparations start

1-2 days before show
Test launch

We run a full-scale rehearsal to make sure everything goes nominal


Launchpad and safety requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drone show?

A drone show is a new word in entertainment technology. It is a choreographed movement of drones that are equipped with bright LED panels, pyrotechnics, or other payloads suitable for light performance, and connected to a computer. Depending on the number of UAVs in a show, one can find a variety of applications for this great technology and make formations up to 1 km wide and tall and promote business of any size and shape. Quadcopters can portray in the sky almost anything one can imagine from humble silhouettes to enormous moving 3D objects or even live portraits people can’t help filming. Each drone has its own flight route designed to avoid collisions with all other drones and is controlled by a computer on the ground.
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How much do drone shows cost?

Multiple factors affect the price, like the show’s content, drone quantity, event place and time, logistics, team accommodation, and even the drone show provider’s name. Please reach out to us as soon as possible via email or this website to ensure you get additional info and discuss the details and services we can offer.

How many drones are required for my show?

Depending on the scale of the event, we recommend using a range of 200-300 pieces for a private party, 500 drones for city-scale events, and 1,000+ quadcopters for national-scale professional celebrations. Notice that the more UAVs you use, the more complex and detailed formations can be performed. A show of 2,000+ drones may break several world records.

How long does a drone show last?

A perfect drone show lasts up to 15 minutes before drones return home. Low temperatures or strong wind may shorten the duration of shows to 8-10 minutes. This time allows us to bring up from 9 to 15 images of any origin, from brand logos and large writings to shining abstract formations and perfectly drawn animals and creatures of any type.

Who we are

Lumasky team members are pioneers of large-scale drone shows and experienced professionals and inspired artists with years spent in the event field. We work hard to widen the possible boundaries of this technical miracle and provide you with a second-to-none service today and in the future. United in our passion to push the limits of art production, we love what we do and explore what we are capable of. Being one of the leading companies on the market, we struggle to tell amazing stories to your audience with our swarms. Discover a new way to wow your clients and customers by adding a spectacular drone display to your night canvas. Learn more about Lumasky.

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