500 Drone Light Show at Global Champions Arabians Tour, Oman

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After our one-month-long shows in Dhofar’s Salalah in 2022 and 2023, Oman welcomed us again in the spring of 2024. This time our mission was to highlight the closing ceremony of a large-scale Arabian horse show.

Best Venue for Drone Show

The show’s third stage took place in Oman’s capital city, Muscat. It lasted three days and hosted over 5,200 guests throughout the world.

The site we were to work on was the surrounds of the Al Bustan Palace, lying in the background of nature. Such venues always complement the drone show setting, looking fabulous even in darkness. Therefore, we integrated our light images into the scenery so that it would create a complete and impressive picture. 

Drone Show Making

The final concept of the show took longer time for approval due to its complexity. We had around 10 days to prepare the animations. Our expertise and experience of working under tight deadlines allowed us to speed up but not lose quality. All iconic elements were prepared on time. Not without our signature feature, the intricate transitions between patterns. 

One more thing. Catching on the local vibe, we couldn’t help but exhibit our own stallion. A 3D horse formation 10 times larger than its real size appeared in the night sky. Its galloping over people’s heads created a true jaw-dropping moment.

Impossible Is Nothing

The tour in Muscat was a multi-format event, so parts of it had to be cross-coordinated. As for us, we needed to synchronize the drone animation with mapping, fire show and artists’ live performances. Surely, a tough call. But we made it thanks to close tracking of timings, adjusting the show-up and transitions of the drone images, as well as close cooperation with our customer’s team. 

The whole event was designed perfectly. To keep up with that level, we did our best by marking its ending with a splendid drone show.

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