Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drone show?

A drone show is a choreographed movement of drones equipped with bright LED panels, pyrotechnics or other payloads suitable for light performances. Depending on the number of drones in a show, one can make formations up to 1 km wide and tall. Drones can portray in the sky almost anything one can imagine from humble silhouettes to enormous moving 3D objects or even live portraits. Each drone has its own flight route designed to avoid collisions with all other drones and is controlled by a computer on the ground.

Is it possible to launch a drone show during rain and how will it affect the quality?

It depends on rain conditions. The flight manager makes the final decision, and safety is always our priority. Fog and rain can also spoil the impression for spectators.

What wind conditions are acceptable for launch?

Wind speed must not exceed 8 m/s.

How long does it take to organize a show?

The average preparation time is 1 month. However, if you contact us 2-3 months beforehand, there will be more time to get permits, create animation and music. On special occasions we are able to prepare a show within 1-2 weeks or even faster. This should be discussed with our managers.

What is the show duration?

A drone show lasts up to 15 minutes. Low temperatures or strong wind may shorten this time to 8-10 minutes.

I want my show to last longer, what should I do?

In that case, we can make several launches one after another. Please contact us for more details.

How high can a swarm fly?

Our drones operate at altitudes from 10 to 800 meters. The visibility range is up to 5 km.

How much does a drone show cost?

There are multiple factors affecting the price, like drone quantity, launch place and time, logistics and team accommodation. Please contact us to discuss the details.

What are the launch pad requirements?

The launch pad must be within 200 meters from the main flight area.  It must be even, with no high trees or buildings present nearby. Best options are football field, beach, road, parking lot. We can also take off from sophisticated sites: uneven ground, several sites of different forms and so on. The launchpad may be farther than 200 meters, but the longer the distance, the shorter the creative part.

Can drones fly above spectators?

No, flight safety rules prohibit UAV flights above people.

How to get a flight permission for a drone show?

We send an approval request to local authorities as soon as the show’s time and place are defined. In some countries we might need your help to obtain permits.

Can your drones take pictures or collect any data?

Our drones were designed specifically for light shows. There are no cameras or other sensors to gather, process or store data.

Is it possible to combine a drone show with live performance?

Yes, a drone show can be accompanied with live music or another sound design. We can also combine our show with lasers, fireworks, 3D mapping, fountains and any other visual or sound effects.

What about a drone show along with a laser show or fireworks?

Definitely! Drones, fireworks and light effects made the whole performance unforgettable.

Do you work worldwide?

We have performed drone shows in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey, India, Moldova, Cyprus, Tunisia, Estonia, Egypt, Peru, Taiwan, Panama and many other countries. We extend our horizons to bring more people into the world of drone shows.

How many drones do I need for my event?

We suggest you to contact our team and discuss the details, as the drone quantity depends on an animation as well as on budget.

Is it legal to fly drones over roads and highways?

Our safety rules prohibit flying above people or moving vehicles. If this is necessary, we can contact local authorities and ask for temporal traffic block.

Is it possible to fly above water?

Sure, but it takes additional precautions.

How far away can I see a drone light show?

The best distance to enjoy our drone show is up to 1.5 km. The overall visibility range is up to 5 km.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us at any time

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