Drone Light Show for Bonk Coin during TOKEN2049 in Dubai, UAE

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Drone Show Advertising Bonk Meme Coin

Advertising equals creativity. The more unconventional it is, the bigger buzz it can send through social media. For this reason, the dog-themed meme coin Bonk applied a drone show tool for advertising during the TOKEN2049 conference held in Dubai on April 18, 2024.

Our partner, Drone Stories, designed the animations for us to send it up to the skies with 1000 of our light drones.

Drone Show 2 in 1

This drone show setup was unusual. The customer requested 2 Bonk advertising drone shows. We had to launch them with a break in order to replace the batteries. But that day we shared the take-off site with another drone company that launched its own show in between ours.

Not to overlap, we fine tuned the timing during a pre-call, and ran a joint rehearsal flight. As a result, all drone shows ran flawlessly without getting in each other’s way.

Advertising Effect Depends on Perception

Being a well-illuminated city, Dubai is a tricky backdrop for a luminous drone show. In our case, there was one dominant and well lit-up building that could have messed up ‘readability’ of our drone formations in the night skyline. So we corrected the drones’ flight height, attitude angle and other features, to shift the visuals in the sky higher and to the left for better perception. And stronger advertising.

Drone Show Impacted Bonk Value Rise?

Interesting to know, the Bonk value skyrocketed 1.5 times a couple of days after the 1000 drone light show during the TOKEN2049 conference. With all the social media buzz via shares and reposts, it does make sense. But maybe the vibrant drone show helped this to happen too. Who knows?

Location: Dubai, UAE

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