2,000 Drone Light Show Blew Away 17,000 Al-Qadsiah FC Fans

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Drone Shows For Grandiose Football Party

A game-changing day for Saudi football fans finally came. On 6th of May 2024, Al-Qadsiah FC, a 57-year-old club, advanced to the Saudi Pro League. Such a milestone required a grand scale celebration.

During that, the new club logo was to be unveiled to the screams of the excited crowd.

So the club directors called for the Lumasky drone show to fulfill these tasks at the Qadsiah Festival.

Massive Illumination for Qadsiah Festival

Our drone show was one part of a huge multimedia performance around the Khobar Water Tower. It should be matched with music, 3D mapping, SFX, light beams, lasers, and fireworks.

Spoiler: the drone show turned out sensational.

Want to know if any of these collided in the air? Or how we managed to hold breaths of 17,000 viewers at one time? Read our full report on that fantastic event. 


‘You Made History With This Show’

The drone light show at Qadsiah Festival caused a furor. It spread at the speed of light in social media with emotional content made by thousands of viewers.

According to the Festival Director Olivier Ferracci, we made history. 

This is the level of excitement your event can raise with Lumasky drone shows.

Location: Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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