How Drone Shows Increase Brand Awareness

How Drone Shows Increase Brand Awareness

When it comes to branding, the visual aspect is the first thing that comes to mind. And what if this visual is designed in the most creative of all possible ways? What if your brand’s logo is displayed with the brightest flying drones? What if the night sky becomes your biggest advertising platform?

Let’s dig deeper in the drone show potential to deliver the most efficient visual and emotional experience to your brand consumers. And raise your brand awareness, gain new audience, and boost your sales in turn.

Drone Show Generate Emotions

Drone shows create emotions. That’s basically how drone shows work. So does branding with a creative marketing approach. When creativity meets technology in the most unusual manner in the night sky, it definitely generates a mind-blowing effect. And once stuck in memory, it solidifies the brand’s long lasting image in people’s minds.

Like any emotional thing, drone light shows have a clear viral effect. UGC with pictures and videos of incredible light displays create emotional alignment with your brand and draw massive attention to your branding campaign. 

Drone Show Is Brand-New Marketing Tool

Standard marketing methods tend to lose their relevance. However, the drone light show is the newest way to deliver a brand message. Its cutting-edge technology not only captures the viewers’ attention. It also showcases the brand’s message in a most intense and catching way.

A traditional billboard cannot be compared with the night sky canvas. It has a larger physical reach. Also, thanks to sharing breathtaking visual storytelling across social media, your brand awareness expands substantially. Drone shows are easy to record, post and share. Thus, each show promotes itself to a certain extent. Isn’t it the best thing in marketing?

Plus, drone shows used for branding showcase your brand’s commitment to innovation. It can’t but set you apart from the competition. 

‘Green’ Way Of Branding

What they value even more today, is commitment to sustainability. 

Compared to regular fireworks, aerial performances by LED drones are not only similarly spectacular, but also eco-friendly. And here is why:

  • zero air pollution
  • lower noise level
  • zero fire risk 
  • zero debris and litter 
  • safe for people and animals.

If you choose to celebrate your brand event with a drone show, you enforce an overall idea of environmental care. Today’s consumers are eco-conscious, and prefer ethical brand identities. Drone show advertising supports this idea to the very last drone. 

Brand Anything With Drone Shows

Drone show is a very adaptable tool. Lumasky showcased a wide range of services and products. From McDonalds’ hamburgers to Formula 1 race cars, from local to large-scale national celebrations

A range of marketing campaigns a drone show can elevate:

  • Music concerts and festivals

A chance to captivate audiences and intensify fan engagement and experience. 

  • Sports events

Let crowds at the stadium go wild and enhance the electrifying atmosphere with massive stunning displays before the game starts or during a break.

  • Entertaining events

Impress your guests and raise the level of excitement at any kind of event, from digital conferences to movie premieres.

  • Retail sales

Advertising campaigns or product launches can become memorable and self-promoting due to viral effect. Promoting a product in the sky, the world’s biggest platform, is doomed to success.

  • Corporate events

Highlight an important landmark of your company through amazingly orchestrated drone performance.

  • Destination branding

Bring city’s or region’s iconic spots into focus creating dazzling drone visuals, and draw more people to visit the place.

Customize Your Campaign

The versatility of drone shows allows them to be tailored to any industry, theme, message, or form. Imagine, a pizza delivery QR-code formed by colorful drones in the backdrop of the night sky. A unique smartphone feature revealed in intricate drone formations. A seamless storytelling of a social ad script narrated above viewers’ heads.

This flexibility ensures that the brand message is conveyed in the most relevant and impactful manner. It surely impacts the target audience, in accordance with a specific marketing objective.

Lumasky Experience Of Drone Show Branding

Lumasky launched a number of eye-catching drone lights shows for various branding events. Take a closer look at some of them:

  • Regional branding of Aseer region in Saudi Arabia to attract tourists to the region
  • Product advertising of Bonk coin in Dubai, after which the coin value skyrocketed
  • Naming ceremony for a vessel of a global cruise line that gained the most media attention.

Drone light shows not only help raise your brand awareness. There are other numerous benefits. Meaningful drone visuals can improve your brand perception, gain more attention to your product, create a buzz on social media. In other words, boost your business.

If you are planning to reach any of the goals mentioned above, get in touch with Lumasky. We have thousands of drones ready to elevate your brand to the newest heights. 


Incredible 400-Drone Light Show at the Fendi Château Residences in Punta del Este, Uruguay

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