Drone Light Show in Riyadh for Saudi Founding Day

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Story Told with 1900 Drones

The concept was to show the history of Saudi Arabia from the early to the present days.

We programmed our drones to form a portal that guided the viewers through the country’s milestones and key symbols. What made the story even more complete was the smooth transition between drone formations. Truth be told, Lumasky is barely beatable at that. Our in-house-designed animation tools help us build seamless transitions between drones not to interrupt the visual storytelling for a second.

Light Show That Surprises

Our customers always ask for something outstanding. Likewise, our team strives for outstanding shows. Perfect match, right?

We wanted our drone light show on Saudi Founding Day to produce nothing but a dazzling visual effect. So, we used the night sky to portray the state leaders in the most realistic way possible. For a moment, everyone there stood speechless.

Who Wrote Music for Drone Show

We did. Well, that’s our hidden talent, and even more, a secret pleasure.

For this specific event, we wrote a colorful eastern melody and synchronized it with our drone animations for a stronger effect.

In cooperation with Dan Bolton, a famous creative director, we made our light show in Riyadh a complete and stunning performance.

1 of 3 Drone Shows During One Weekend

Lumasky team put all their efforts 24/7 to successfully launch 3 drone shows in Saudi Arabia on the Founding Day weekend. Have a look at one of them, a head-spinning drone dance around Al Faisaliah Tower.

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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