1400 Drone Light Show for Aseer Branding in Saudi Arabia

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The fact that we’ve already done 27 drone shows in Saudi Arabia is absolutely mind-blowing. We happen to integrate our light shows into all types of occasions there: national holidays, sports events, corporate ceremonies and global organizations celebrations, etc.

This time we came to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to participate in the brand launch of the Aseer region.

Aseer Branding in the Sky

Being the first regional identity in Saudi Arabia, the official launch of Aseer’s brand required exclusive styling. 

We took the event literally to the sky with the help of an enormous 1400 drone fleet. By designing fancy aerial patterns with multicolored drone lights, we rendered the authenticity, terrain diversity and natural beauty of Aseer.

How Not to Hit Mountain

The set for our light show was a lovely 900-year-old mountain village in the suburbs of Aseer. A lovely spot, except for one problem. The steep mountain behind the houses didn’t really give much space for maneuvering. Apart from the fact that our formations were very large, 200m width. So we adjusted the flight height and position thoroughly. For two purposes, basically: the drone swarm should not hit the mountain, and the viewers should not stiffen their necks looking up for the whole 13 minutes.

Drone Show Concept as a Piece of Art

Often a drone show is a part of an overall art direction of the event. The Aseer project was no exception. 

We were happy to work with the event director John Jossifakis. Close cooperation and common desire to make an amazing show can bring any ideas to life. This time we started a show with a solo drone taking off from the stage and then joining the entire fleet choreography in the air. Watching this scene gave goosebumps to everyone on the set.

Moreover, to synchronize it with the music, we had to time each of the images down to the seconds. All for the purpose of smooth storytelling in the sky.

Dedication to details, that’s what we strongly believe in. It is the only sure recipe of how to wow the viewers and make your celebration stick in their memories.

Lumasky Is My New Favorite Crew ©

These were the words of John Jossifakis, the stage director who’s actually worked with lots of drone teams before.

160 VIP guests, as well as hundreds of town citizens, shared the same kind of emotions. ‘This show was freaking amazing’, that’s all we heard that night.  

Our drone light show not only highlighted the region’s new identity. It gave rise to the new era of Aseer prosperity in the most bright and memorable way.

Location: Aseer, Saudi Arabia

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