Drone Light Show in AlUla for Saudi Founding Day

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Less Than 1 week for Drone Animation

This is one of the fastest concepts we’ve ever created!

Due to short notice, we developed our drone animation in less than 1 week! Normally it takes 3-4 weeks in the drone show industry, so you can imagine how resolute and fast we were to make that Saudi Founding Day in Alula the most memorable one.

Challenging Drone Navigation

Challenges rarely come single. Having arrived on the set, we faced something no drone show provider would want to face. A rocky landscape. Problem was, it could interrupt the drone signals, which in turn could jeopardize the entire show.

Luckily, we still had 2 days before the launch. That was enough to adjust our drone flight parameters to the local scenery.

Everyone Should See a Drone Show

At this event, the audience was standing at different ends of the venue. Our task was to rotate the drone formations so that they would be visible and recognizable from different perspectives. It worked out fine! The exuberant exclamations from the viewers all over the venue served as a proof.

3 Stunning Light Shows in a Row

This drone show in Alula challenged our flexibility and resilience. Not only did we manage to launch it, but also combined it with two other projects on the same weekend: Founding Day in Riyadh and the aerial performance at Al Faisaliah Tower.

Location: Alula, Saudi Arabia

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