How drone shows promote movies and TV shows

How drone shows promote movies and TV shows

Drone light displays are not only changing the face of entertainment, but they are also becoming a very powerful instrument used in the movie and television industries. It is an effective way to grab the attention of the audience since it is difficult to forget a spectacle of colorful drones flying in formation, lighting the night sky, and forming a variety of forms.

That is why many companies organize drone displays to generate attention about their most recent releases.

Thanks to their limitless creative possibilities drone light shows are quite literally raising the bar for entertainment. Some of the finest marketing strategies we’ve recently seen were created by the experts behind these extraordinary performances.

Magnificent Austin 300-Foot-Tall Drone Display to Promote Halo

In March 2022, Paramount used 400+ drones to advertise its science fiction series Halo, which is based on the well-known Xbox franchise about a hero fighting against an extraterrestrial invasion, which has sold more than 82 million copies globally and generated more than $6 billion in lifetime total sales income. The 300-foot-tall and 600-foot-wide show from Paramount lit up downtown Austin, Texas. A QR code leading spectators to the series teaser was incorporated in the finale of the city’s first-ever drone light show.

Wonder Woman Release Celebration

2017 saw the superheroine soar above the Los Angeles skyline in a spectacular drone light display.

Warner Bros. held a memorable celebration for the home release of Wonder Woman movie with the assistance of 300 Intel drones. The show featuring a comic character could be watched in Los Angeles, up over Dodger Stadium on September 14th. However, instead of the Bat-Signal summoning Batman, a flock of 300 lit-up copters were spelling out iconic “W” sign with coordinated movements.

Over the Moon on Netflix and in the Skies

To promote a creative and colorful computer-animated musical Over the Moon, a spectacular drone performance was organized in 2020. The drone moves had to be timed to coincide with the full moon, which was a technological challenge for the crew that put on the show.

drone light show
Kuala Lumpur for Avengers: Endgame by Marvel Studios

In 2019, 300 Intel drones soared in the sky in Kuala Lumpur’s announcing the premiere of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. The drones formed the well-known superhero emblems such as Iron Man’s helmet, Captain America’s shield, Thor’s Mjölnir, and the Hulk’s huge fist.

The event gained a title “The Greatest Number of Drones Used in a Light Show”. The performance was created to express gratitude to all Avangers fans who live in Malaysia for their support.

‘Men in Black’ at the Giffoni Film Festival

The 2019 Giffoni Film Festival opened with the national premiere screening of “Men in Black: International”. In the finale of the special event a unique and impressive spectacle took place: a drone show that rose up to the Giffoni sky.

Starting at 10:45 p.m. on July 19, the festival gave audience the chance to see a spectacular drone performance involving a flock of 100 drones creating various shapes of light. The swarm of drones put on a unique and immersive show, in the course of which they depicted the symbols of the festival, as well as the UFO, and the unmistakable MIB logo.

Marvel’s Eternals light up Rome with drones

The Italian cinema debut of Eternals, the recently released Marvel Studios movie was welcomed in Italy by a flock of 200 drones the Colosseum.

The copters started their performance with swirling and leaving striking trail of white, blue and gold light that later turned into a 3D image of a constellation featured in the movie and spelled the words “Eternals” and “Only at the Cinema”, the message spreading more than 130 meters wide.

Manila drone light show for 6 Underground

With this massive drone performance, which took place in 2019, Netflix Philippines commemorated the release of Michael Bay’s “6 Underground,” starring Ryan Reynolds.

About 300 Intel Shooting Star copters recreated certain iconic 6 Underground scenes in the air, making it the biggest display made with copters in the Philippines. The show could be watched from the Rockwell, Kalayaan Flyover, BGC, and surrounding locations.

An immersive drone show to celebrate House of The Dragon

On August 18, 2022, an interactive drone display by OSN+, a service for premium entertainment content streaming, illuminated the sky in Riyadh to mark the Game of Thrones prequel release. The greatest eSports and gaming event, which took place in the city, the Gamers8 festival, not only featured the 1,000 drones swarming in the sky, but also a full-screen takeover and fireworks.

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