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New Year with Lumasky Drone Show

Get your New Year event to the whole new level with Lumasky Drone Show

New Year’s Eve is a truly special moment for lots of families all around the world. This magical time makes children and their parents believe in all good and fairy. When organizing a New Year event, let some fabulous fireflies into your story by running a dazzling drone light show.

Up to 5,000 drones in a show

Whether you want a humble private spectacle or a record-breaking full-scale performance for a whole city, Lumasky is able to provide you with technical brilliance and outstanding design. Our specialists are super-experienced in creating concepts in the shortest terms: one week from idea to show is no longer a challenge for us. It is simply our job.

Mind-blowing visuals are on the way

Tell a New Year story, merge the audience into a fairy tail adventure or simply run a stadium-sized countdown in the sky right at the midnight. We work when people celebrate. That’s what makes us so special and desirable.

New Year 2021 Celebration in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Celebrating New Year with your loved ones is special. Filling this night with magic of a drone show is even more special! Take a look at how we ignited the sky on this new year’s eve in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, using 1,000 drones.

5-day-long Drone Show to Celebrate the New Year's Eve

A drone show can be an excellent attraction to whatever place you need. A good example of how it works was our New Year show in a small northern city, which lasted for 5 consecutive days. People kept coming to the main city square every night to see the drone magic with their own eyes, causing heavy traffic and jams. Christmas tree, snowman, Santa Clause and other symbols were drawn in the sky, merging both kids and their parents into the magical New Year mood.

Private Party Drone Show

Those who prefer cozy family celebrations to large-scale popular festivities can also enjoy a good drone light show. This is an example of a humble but quite dynamic drone display that was shown in the suburbs, far away from the city’s holiday vibes.

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