Saudi Arabia Founding Day 2023 Drone Show in Dammam
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Every year on February 22, Saudi Arabia commemorates its founding day, and the city of Dammam is a hive of celebrations.
This year’s festivities were especially noteworthy because they were held next to the renowned Ithra museum, a center of culture that highlights the lively arts sector and rich history of Saudi Arabia.

The captivating drone show put on by the Lumasky team was one of the festivities’ high points this year.
The group, known for their breathtaking aerial performances, put on an incredible show that astounded the audience.
Intricate shapes and patterns were made in the night sky by the drones as they danced in perfect unison.

The crowd applauded and cheered as the drones of the Lumasky crew lighted up the sky as they were astounded by the display of innovation and creativity.
It was an appropriate homage to Saudi Arabia’s past, present, and future, demonstrating the nation’s dedication to innovation and advancement.

The Lumasky team’s drone display was a highlight event that will be remembered for years to come during the Saudi Arabian founding day celebration in Dammam, which was overall a genuinely remarkable experience.

Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia

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