Sabritas Advertising Сampaign
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Invited Nobody, Surprised Everyone

Sabritas, the Mexican chip brand owned by PepsiCo, asked for a wowing drone show as part of the advertising campaign. But no one was invited to watch.

We launched a surprise show for the people of Mexico City. It celebrated the return of the beloved tazos, those iconic small disks for playing that were often found in chip bags. As the sun set over Mexico City, hundreds of citizens froze in amazement. They kept their eyes glued to the sky when 430 luminous drones displayed rotating tazos with the familiar silhouettes of the local football celebrities, as well as other key symbols of the Sabritas campaign.

We bet on the element of surprise and the spectacle of our drone art. It worked. The wow effect has taken over the streets of Mexico City, making the promotion of the tazos collection by Sabritas highly compelling.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

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