300 Drone Light Show at Azuero Fair in Panama

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In 2023 we launched our first ever drone show in Panama for McDonald’s. It’s only been a year, and we came back with twice the fleet to perform at the International Azuero Fair in Los Santos.

Drone Art of Brands Showcasing

Every year for an average of 10 days the International Azuero Fair in Panama exhibits agricultural, livestock and industrial products.

In 2024 the fair organizers decided to beautify the event with a drone light show. We programmed 300 drones to display the Panamanian familiar landmarks, as well as the sponsors’ logos. Considering this event’s high attendance, it was an amazing way to raise local brands awareness and drew more audience to the stands with the exhibited products. Not to mention, our drone show made the whole event a lasting memory.

Preparations Can Be Tough

This was the project that proved again, half a formula for success is the right launch site. 

The Azuero Fair is held in a nice spot of Los Santos surrounded by dense trees. Picturesque, but tricky for a drone show team. We needed to find the place from where the drone performance would be seen in the best possible way. For that we run several test flights defining the best flight position and adjusting the attitude angle. The search took us 2 whole days. After checking various spots, we finally chose the one which provided the best visibility to the biggest number of viewers.

To top it all, a strong wind didn’t go down for several days. We set a certain speed limit that allowed the drones to fly safely and not to twist the animations one bit.

Eventually, our 300 drones performed a flawless light show to the delight of nearly 55,000 fair attendees.

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