Lumasky Drone Show ignites the sky over Qatar

As the MSC World Europa is named in Doha, drones illuminate the sky

On November 13, MSC Cruises, an Italian global cruise line, held a vessel naming ceremony for its most modern and ecologically friendly cruise ship, MSC World Europa, at Doha, Qatar’s newest Grand Cruise Terminal.

The traditional ship’s naming ceremony was held in front of honorable visitors from all over the world. The event promoted the growth of international tourism in the chosen region.

The awe-inspiring ceremony was hosted by a famous comedian and philanthropist Hamad Al Amari.

The event featured projection mapping and performances by the Qatar Youth Choir and Matteo Bocelli, an Italian superstar tenor and singer, but the star of the night – the Lumasky drone display – received the most media attention.

The event organizers approached the Lumasky team of world-class artists and engineers to create a drone light artwork that explored the event concept.

A fleet of 600 drones soared up into the sky to form animated figures that quickly succeeded one another telling the event story.

The Lumasky team was able to capture an important message about environmental awareness and create a spectacular drone show that celebrated the many different types of marine life and featured the event sponsors and organizers.

Starting with visuals of waves and a beating heart, the drone show took the audience on a journey of marine life celebration through bright, altering shapes. The copters then formed into a turtle swimming over the night sky like over the ocean waves. Then the turtle quickly and smoothly morphed into a spinning boat screw propeller surrounded by blue bubbles, followed by a coral reef with exotic fish swimming around it. The flock of drones then featured a series of eco-friendly symbols like a tree of life, a human figure at the hands open up, and the earth as seen from space.

Towards the end of the show, the drones featured the hosts and sponsors of the event with figures of a landing plane and cruise ship taking off, followed by the Qatar Airways and MSC Cruises logos. In their dazzling dance, the copters impressed the audience deeply by blurring the lines between the skies and the ocean.

An outstanding firework show against the Doha cityscape and dinner in the restaurants of the flagship marked the rich celebration’s conclusion.

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