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Interactive Drone Light Shows

One of the hottest trends in entertainment today is the ability for audiences to interact with any type of content. You’ve probably seen numerous examples of activities such as light and kinetic installations, touch screens, audiovisual performances and more. We decided not to avoid this trend and imagined how it could work with drone shows.

Imagine drones responding to your movements, voice, touch, creating patterns and designs in real time as if at your command. It’s the interactive features that truly advance drone shows. These shows allow us to involve the audience in ways we could only dream of before.

Interactive Drone Show Options

Real-time canvas
GPS Tracking
Integrate gamification into your event like never before – experience gaming in the air. Use gamepad to interact with characters on a drone-formed display, bringing to life classics like Snake, Pac-Man or even a custom game specifically for your event. This innovative setup allows for exciting competitions from ping-pong to hero battles, creating a fun, immersive experience that draws more attentions to your event.
Real-time canvas
Painting your logo in the sky can now be done not only by professional drone show designers, but also by yourself. If Van Gogh and Salvador Dali painted their pictures with brushes on canvas, you have the opportunity to paint on the sky in real time.
Now it is possible to see yourself at the sky canvas. Your every movement, jump or turn can be reflected with maximum accuracy. And don't flex alone. More people means more fun!
Visualize sound like no one before. Surprise audiences with a "live" equalizer created of drones above your stage. The technology allows you to react in real time to sound volume, changing music and rhythm.
GPS Tracking
Integrate this technology into your sporting event, whether it's a soccer match, horse racing or a Formula 1 GP. Seeing the movement of players, horses or cars on a real-time "map" is convenient and even incredible considering that the "map" is created of 1,000 bright and colorful drones!

Engage your audience like never before

Play games
Using the sky as a screen

Control a hundred drones with a gamepad on a screen. It offers a unique experience different from traditional gameplay.

Draw pictures
As the sky is your real-time canvas

Use drones as the canvas. Change colors and brush size to create patterns and shapes.

Show off
Transmitting your moves onto the sky

By capturing motion data, we create a large-scale mirror effect in the sky that reflects a person's silhouette in real time.

Visualize the sound
Creating the biggest equalizer ever

The software processes incoming microphone signals, translating them into a matrix.

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